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01About me

Hello, I am Adedoyin Timothy
Designer and Web Developer

I am Nigerian based programmer versatile in modern web development techniques and Technologies. I have worked on a number of Web projects that utilize several programming languages and various frameworks to build scalable web apps ranging from e-commerce to Joke page

HTML5 & CSS3100%











Web Development

Be it fresh or an upgrade , I can Work with several programming languages and Web frameworks of the client's choosing Bringing your ideas to reality. if it is possible then i am up to the task

UX and UI Design

Already have a website or do you just want a well designed UI for your Organization? I am up to the challenge and I can work with top frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize creating beautiful and fully responsive UIs.

Project Consultant

I have seven years of experience in web development and design. This means I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. I can give top advice on how to go with your projects and what type of server will be good for your project and so much more

SEO Optimization

I can also turn your web pages into Search engine fiendly pages that will show properly on major search engines like Google and Bing and will have rich sharable content on major social networks like Twitter and facebook with the usage of rich cards and social Meta tags.


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  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Processwire
  • Code igniter

Y-tech website

Official site for Y-TECH

Segun Adekunle

Official Page for segun Adekunle & co

Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis law firm


Hilarious joke page

Delatobridge Properties

Official Website for Delatobridge Properties

07Why should you hire me?

Apart from the fact that I possess seven years experience in building websites, I have also delved into almost every web technology out there. I have done projects in Django and flex, frameworks built on Python programming language and I have also worked on countless frameworks and Content Management systems based in PHP. I have also extensively worked with Vanilla JavaScript (Pure Javascript) and used motools even though I prefer Jquery the most because of it’s ease of use and portability. I really love using css frameworks and Bootstrap is my favorite even though I am beginning to prefer Google based materialize framework. I am also quite versatile in working with Ugly source code (check out Wordpress source code for good a idea - ) and I wouldn’t mind working directly in PHP if the client has needs for it. I have also used the web servers apache and Ngnix extensively and wouldn’t mind working on servers ranging from windows based servers to the open source Linux servers like Debian. I love programming a lot and I am welcome to new adventures!

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    no 1 Bamgbose street, off gbogbo ebute road, ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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    +(234) 815 486 4010

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